Welcome to Happy Ambition

What is Happy Ambition?

Happy Ambition is about taking the opportunity to lead a fulfilling happy life, to becoming more authentic versions of ourselves, and seeking to fill our lives with activities that give us energy and not take energy from us.

Who is behind Happy Ambition?

Writer and nature photographer Amanda Staley.  She is an new mother who has a vision for her future that consists of positive energy and big adventures.  She recognizes this  life changing event as an opportunity to harness the power of change to start living the life of her dreams.

You can follow her writing blog here Amanda Staley

How do you hope to do this?

As Amanda starts on this new journey into her life, she hopes to inspire others to join her on the noble quest of being true to oneself.  She will catalogue her experiences through honest blog posts, which will discuss the ups and downs of her individual journey.

She realizes as she starts this journey, that it will not be an easy path, but she also knows that the journey is more important than the destination itself.  She hopes this journey will become her next non-fiction inspirational book.

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