Why Happiness?

You may ask why blog about happiness?  So many people seem to be wonder if there is more to life; looking for a purpose to our existence.  I don’t claim to be an authority on the subject, but I like to believe I approach life and the circumstances that accompany it, with a positive attitude.  I try to find the bright side, though sometimes it might be days later before I can see through the gloom and doom, but typically I can take a bad situation and spin it into a learning experience and appreciate the process.

During the course of the past few years filled with hardship, I have to admit I have let my progress to happy, clean living lapse.  I have noticed myself thinking more negatively and not being as happy and falling into a sort of unmotivated depression.  A depression where I find myself complacent to my lack of self-development.  I decided that this line of thought must come to an end.  So I hope to take you on a journey of finding happiness once again.

I will be posting my experiences, including my successes and pitfalls I find along the way to finding my true happiness.  I recently have started a gratitude journal and attempting to find something to be happy about every day.


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