What is Temporary…

What is temporary has to be temporary.  Don’t let it last longer than a year

This was a fortune cookie I received close to two years ago.  It spoke to me at the time, so I saved it.  We have been living in a state of limbo.  We have spent the majority of the past three years living with one income, but we haven’t needed for anything.  We have actually learned to budget much better than ever before and still have money left over to have fun.  We have been sacrificing now in hopes for a better future.

For the past two years my husband has been taking prerequisite classes in attempts to get into a university for Occupational Therapy.  When we left Florida, life has afforded him the opportunity to do some soul-searching.  He discovered he wasn’t happy in his career as a research methodologist. He decided he wanted to be helping people, instead of making money for a large corporation sitting behind a desk all day.

I have stood faithfully at his side supporting his decisions and at times representing the anchoring shoreline, when he fears he is losing his way.   We have had some rough patches, but mostly our struggles are in our own heads.  Looking back over the past few years, I wouldn’t trade any of those hard times for better times.  In those hard times we have had the opportunity to see what we are made of.  We have grown and changed, if we are willing to embrace or even acknowledge the changes within ourselves.

I may not trade the bad times for good, but don’t wish for any more of this stagnation.  We have been in a perpetual state of disorder.  With the prospect of him going back to school, we don’t know if we will be staying in this state or needing to move across the country.  We had put most things on hold, in hopes and fears of moving again.  We had put of the walls of self-defense, causing a lot of bad choices to be made.  None of which are detrimental, but they have affected our overall happiness.  A set of decisions we have both vowed to amend.

A couple of days ago, I saw this fortune sitting beside my computer monitors at work.  I smiled at the prospect of the temporary actually being able to remain temporary.  We have been allowing temporary to become permanent, but that is about to end.  Within the coming months we will know which school he will get accepted into and can once again start making more stable plans for our future.  Right now it seems everything is hanging in the balance, but the temporary must remain temporary.  And we both realize this is a temporary circumstance and things will be better in our future.

2013-07-11 16.46.41-1


2 thoughts on “What is Temporary…

  1. zee says:

    Sometimes we become so comfortable in what should be temporary that we allow it to, as you say, stagnate and reach a level of permanence.
    Speaking from a rough-tumble emotional year last year, personally and in my relationship, often the struggle is more in our own head than something really worth worrying about.
    Our rough patches are important for growth, but we need to allow the growth and move forward. Thanks for another insightful post, Amanda.


  2. mariah edgington says:

    Rough spots certainly have the ability to build character, or not. The challenges you’ve forged through prove your choice to lean into the unknown while waiting for the future, undoubtedly more stable, known.


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