Gratitude #13

1.  First thing this morning my supervisor’s boss, (who until last year was my boss) walked into my office talking about how great the cup of tea he had the night before.  Yesterday I had given him a bag of tea that I thought he would enjoy.  He was going on about how much he enjoyed it how smooth the flavor was.

2.  One of my co-workers, who fancies himself a photographer, gave me high praise on some of my photos.  We carried on a conversation about cameras and lenses after that.  He left the conversation thinking about purchasing my camera due to the detail my 20-50 mm lens took.  Later in the day I decided to purchase a set of filters in the attempt of improving my photos.

3.  When I got home from work my husband and I took a small nap before starting our evening out.  It was a nice way to come home and relax.  A great start to the weekend!


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