Gratitude #16

This week I have vowed to get back to this blog along with expanding the scope.  This week I plan on posting a few thoughts of mine on happiness and where I am in my journey, but for now here is my daily gratitude.

1.  Though, I did not get to see the sunrise, as I have been cast back into the darkness for a couple of weeks due to daylight savings time, I did get to a starry sky when I walked out to my car this morning.

2.  Having a fantastic time over the weekend with friends.  We have started a bi-monthly (once every two months) game night.  I am complete board game fanatic, so this is fantastic news.  And woke up this morning to an email being invited out with another set of friends on this weekend.  You can tell spring is in the air, we are all waking up from our winter hibernation.

3.  Today, I will be posting the first happiness interview!  Look for it this evening.  I am very excited about exploring happiness with other people.


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