An Organized Life is a Happy Life

I have noticed the cleaner and more organized my house, the less stressed and happy I feel. There seems to be a bit of a ripple effect, a sort of law of attraction. The more organized I am, the more time I seem to have during the day to other more interesting things.  I have attempted, multiple times, to become more organized. I have failed miserably in the past. I blame it in part on my free-spirited personality, but mostly I take the organization for granted. I forget what it does for my life and even though it might be hard work to get started the end results are worth it. I hope you enjoy following this series of weekly posts on organizing my life to build a happier life.  This series will start with organizing my surroundings, my home, office, and vehicle and will move into organizing my time and activities.

This week I am going to focus on my kitchen. My kitchen is a disaster zone, it’s clean (as in free of trash and food debris), but the counter tops and table become a catch-all for “stuff”. I love to cook, but the cluttered appearance of my kitchen makes the whole task much less enjoyable.  I have a laundry list of things I would like to do to start organizing my kitchen into a sustainable clean and uncluttered room.

Several years ago my husband suggested we spend one day cooking meals for the rest of the week.  At the time I scoffed at the idea.  I love cooking why would I only want to do it once or twice a week.  Now years later, when I am focusing on writing and building a social presence and working on my self-development, that idea has a lot of appeal.  If nothing else then we could cook a week of lunches.  If I had a week of lunches sitting in the refrigerator waiting for me to grab while I’m rushing out of the door in the mornings, I would save tons of money.  The idea of cooking once or twice a week for the whole we came back to me last week while we were at the Asian grocery store and I saw a box of 150 plastic microwave safe carry out containers for less than $25.  I started thinking that we could organize our lunches in those and stack them in the top shelf of the fridge!  Then I started thinking about other ways I could use them.  I could pre-portion meats in the freezer, frozen vegetables.  The organizing ideas started flowing.  I thought about the bags in the freezer, we buy the same types of fish all the time.  I could take the cooking instructions and tape them to side of the fridge (it’s right beside the oven).  The time and money we would save doing these little things would be substantial and I would be able to see what ingredients I have readily.

This weekend is the start to the kitchen overhaul, so look for pictures of the before and after in the coming update.



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