I got a little behind on posting for the 100 days project.  And by a little, I mean it’s day 18 and I haven’t posted a photo on the site since day 3.  But I have taken photos and written a journal entry nearly everyday (well, except weekends).  I’ll include the photos at the end of this entry and update my project page.  Now on to the actual post topic for the day.

The last couple days I have been thinking a lot about alignment, perhaps it’s my prior yoga practice trying to make it’s way back into my life.  Recently, I have noticed a major disconnect between my day to day activities and the activities I enjoy and that give me energy.  I have become restless and in a way seeking out a change.  Part of these restless feelings are a result of becoming a mother in a couple short months.

This is a major life change and  I want to take advantage of this time.  This will be the first time in over a decade that I will have an extended time off from my full-time job.  During this time, I will of course learn to adjust to the role of mother, but also will have the time to do some introspection into where I want to go from here.

During this introspection time, I hope to be able to better align my day to day activities to my interests and most of all find the activities that bring joy and energy into my life.  This remainder of this year is dedicated to taking advantage of this time of change and following my dreams.


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