The wandering mind

Lately, I’ve found myself having problems focusing.  My mind is constantly wandering off.  Normally, when I had days or weeks like this, I would stress over not being focused and start meditating or doing something to attempt to reel in my wandering mind. I felt as if I could get nothing done unless I attempted to tame my mind.

With all the changes on the horizon, I have realized that my lack of focus is just my reality right now.  And that’s okay! Sometimes, things aren’t neat and orderly.  After all, the phoenix rises from the ashes.  If I ever asked for a lesson in mindfulness or patience, this part of my life is the final exam in that class.  If I have learned anything working though this experience it’s this:  The future is an unknown event in life, and we get the opportunity to discover it one day at a time.

So, I am learning to take one day at a time and enjoy what ever it brings.






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